Queer Shorts

Dienstag, 29. September 2020 – 18:45 Uhr

Kurz ist das neue Lang! Warum eine vielschichtige Storyline wie einen ausgekauten Kaugummi auf 120+ Minuten langziehen, wenn du ihn auch in 5 Minuten wechseln kannst? Unsere Kurzfilme sind so geschmackvoll, dass sie auch in kürzester Zeit spannende, humorvolle bewegende Geschichten erzählen können. In der Kürze liegt die Würze!




Adams Skirt

DE 2019, 12min; Dir: Clément Trehin Lalanne

A young father gives into the whims of his son by allowing him to wear a skirt to school. After getting complaints, him and his ex-wife have to deal with the pre-schooler’s hostile parents.


Fifth Floor On The Left

HR 2018, 15min; Dir: Renata Lucic

When Maja`s parents come to Zagreb to visit their daughter, Nika and Maja cover their faces with masks and start playing the game Nika has grown very tired of.


My Brother Is A Mermaid

UK 2019, 20min; Dir: Alfie Dale

My Brother is a Mermaid is magical realism about the experiences of a non-binary teenager, as seen through the eyes of their 7 year old brother.



UK 2019, 5min; Dir: Lily Ash Sakula

This mix-media animation about moving though the world when your gender doesn’t conform to the binary explores the tension between being looked at and being seen, through a day in the life of Jig.


Do I Have Boobs Now

CA 2017, 7min; Dir: Joella Cabalu, Milena Salazar  

A trans activist`s journey challenging social media censorship policies.


Black Hat

US 2019, 15min; Dir: Sarah Smith  

A story about loneliness and the feeling of being trapped between two worlds.


Becoming Cherrie

IR 2019, 12min; Dir: Nicky Larkin

Becoming Cherrie is a short documentary about living with HIV in conservative Nothern Irish society.


Hey You (Achtung: Trigger – Gewalt)

UK 2019, 4min; Dir: Jared Watmuff

When two men arrange a hook-up, is who’s top or bottom all they should be worried about?


Tell By Date

US 2019, 13min; Dir: Sarah Ball

Ryan want to tell his son that he`s transgender and not his biological fahter.



AU 2019, 13min; Dir: Jamieson Pearce

Two elderly women enjoy a moment of tender intimacy in a nursing home bed. The following day the children of one of the women are called to the home to discuss the issue with staff.